Hong Kong Feat in Technology Company

Plastic Products: Liposuction and fat cannula, nano fat transfer set, injection gun, scissors, forceps and needle holder.
Hair Transfer Products: FUE punch and motorized hand piece, FUE punch adapt, implanter 0.6 mm-1.2 mm and hair forceps, scissors.

ERTIP Medical

ERTIP MEDICAL provides hair transplantation surgical tools which include different sizes and types of FUE punches and latest technology FUE motor devices.They are now available for use in the hair transplantation market to save surgeons time and to improve results.

Magna Medikal

Magna Medikal produces K.E.E.P, an embedding placer developed by Dr. Koray Erdogan as a dynamic response to the post-surgical curving and damaging of grafts resulting from forceps use during graft placement.


The SmartGraft FUE device, with "bio-dome" closed canister system for storage, keeps the newly harvested grafts chilled, hydrated and robust without any exposure to outside air. Together with this new rapid harvest, optimal graft preservation technology and significant reduction in harvesting times, the SmartGraft allows the donor grafts the best possible chance of regrowth for better patient outcome.


Lion Hair Implanter pens, FUE hand engines, FUE punches, Ellis Instruments and Mediquip Surgical Forceps, Ellis Instruments and Dumont Swiss-made blades and handles, many other FUE instruments.

Farmacia Parati

FARMACIA PARATI consists of two divisions. The pharmacological division makes galenic preparations using new and innovative raw materials both as active ingredients and excipients. In the cosmetic division, studies and production consists of pleasant, suitable and soothing post-hair transplant products and general hair care products.

Devroye Instruments

Dr. Jean Devroye’s WAW FUE System is based on two inseparable elements: the WAW FUE Foot Pedal and the Hybrid Trumpet Punch. The WAW FUE Foot Pedal enables the realization of an FUE surgery with great accuracy that is identical to purely manual work.

The flexibility of the motor, which enables the surgeon to adjust the oscillation speed and angulation according to how he engages the pedal, presents many advantages and contributes to the improvement in the quality level of FUE. The pedal has a Bluetooth connection to a mobile application that enables users to configure the settings directly from their mobile devices.

The Hybrid Trumpet Punch marries the qualities of sharp and dull punches. Its 90° outer cutting edge makes the penetration of the skin very easy and much less traumatic. Once inside, its smooth funnel-shaped inner edge makes it almost non-aggressive, taking on more of a dissection than a cutting role. The punch can go deeper without damaging hair follicles: grafts are less transected, chubbier and results in richer hair.


LeadM Corporation specializes in hair restoration systems and manufacturers the Choi hair transplanter, the Hwang implanter and a hair density and caliber measuring system called the Folliscope.

Beauty Medical

Beauty Medical is an Italian company that has dealt with micro-pigmentation for 20 years. Milena Lardi, technical director of the company and inventor of her micro-pigmentation protocol, has created a variety of instruments in synergy with a German engineer. The temporary micro-pigmentation instruments are being used by more that 50 clinics worldwide.

BelliCapelli Forum

BelliCapelli Forum, s.r.l. is an organization based in Italy that specializes in web marketing via the BelliCapelli Forum for hair transplantation. With 20,000 people registered in the forum and with 4,500 real reports posted plus 10 million visits, the forum is a important presence in the world of hair transplantation. Additionally over 30 surgeons worldwide participate actively in the community.

Scharf Hair Transplant Instruments Germany

FUE Punches, FUE Extraction, Implant Forceps, FUE Micromotor, Choi HAir Implanter, Blade Holder, Sapphire Head Knife.

Dr. U Devices

The Dr. UGraft System is an advanced FUE hair transplant unit which features patented tools such as the Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i). The Intelligent Punch incorporates innate depth control, a flared tip with a constant diameter, and graft control capabilities, among other features.