Social Events

Welcome Cocktail Reception

Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 19:30 (for delegates)

The Welcome Cocktail Reception will take place on the grounds of the elegant Pestana Palace Hotel in the heart of Lisbon. During the reception, delegates will have additional occasion to visit the exhibitors and examine firsthand the instruments used in the HANDS ON EXPERIENCE AND LIVE SURGERY EXPO.

Traditional Fado Dinner (Optional - Minimum 30 Guests Required)

Friday, June 22, 2018 at 19:30

A shawl, a Portuguese guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion... This is the image that could describe Fado (meaning fate), a recognized symbol of Portugal and music of the world that is genuinely Portuguese. At its heart is sentiment, lost love, the longing for a departed one, everyday life and triumphs, the essence of life that provides endless inspiration.

They say that fado is engrained in the Portuguese soul and a symbol of Lisbon and the country. In 2011, the UNESCO granted Fado World Heritage status.

Café Luso is a fado house as well as a restaurant. Located in the in the effervescent Bairro Alto district, it is situated in the old wineries and stables of Palácio Brito Freire, which resisted the earthquake of 1755. The majestic marble columns confirm the foundations and denote the patina that gives it dignity. The arched structure of vaulted ceilings, in stone and brick, create a unique acoustics result.

Transportation provided to/from the hotel.

Cocktails & Gala Dinner (Optional For Delegates And Guests)

Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 19:30 at the Pateo Af

Step into soul of Lisbon at this gala dinner event. In 1981, Vitor Seijo, a connoisseur and man passionate man about the city of Lisbon, built the Páteo Alfacinha, a miniature replica of the typical heart of Lisbon with its traditional residential areas and noble palaces as well as a chapel, barber shop, tavern, bakery, pub, antiquary, and houses for the "alfacinhas" (inhabitants of Lisbon). After 30 years, the Páteo Alfacinha remains a multifaceted place where while attending a beautiful gourmet gala dinner in the patio, you can explore the virtual characteristics of the old city that surround you and experience the excitement of the lively Festas dos Santos Populares, a popular festival that that is actually going on in Lisbon at the same time.