Learning Objectives

The primary purpose of the 3rd International World FUE Institute Workshop will be to impart the latest in FUE techniques, methodology, instrumentation and technology while inspiring new innovations and insights in an ever-changing and growing area of medicine. Through live surgeries, instructive videos and lectures, delegates will gain knowledge and confidence while acquiring wisdom and understanding of FUE skills including surgical planning, precision and artistry. The World FUE Institute is an educationally and scientifically driven organization of internationally licensed medical professionals whose aim is to promote precision, artistry, competence, diligence and proficiency in the field of hair restoration using FUE techniques and methodology.

Hands-On Experience

Extraction Stages

  • Manual sharp punch
  • Motorized sharp, hybrid and trumpet punch devices
  • Other motorized devices (Mamba, U Graft, WAW, safe, ultrasonic, etc.)

Placement Stages

  • Sharp Implanters
  • Forceps and Dull implanters
  • Others: KEEP, stick and place, Shiao plastic implanter, etc.
FUE Principles
  • FUE anatomy and anchor system
  • FUE pre – operative evaluation and long term surgical planning
  • FUE post-operative cares
  • FUE with and without sedation
  • Ergonomics in FUE
Extraction Techniques and Different Punch Types
  • Manual FUE tools
  • Motorized sharp
  • Motorized dull
  • Motorized trumpet
  • Motorized hybrid
  • Flatered – textured smart hybrid punch
Interactive Debate
  • The Ideal Punch
Placement Techniques – Implanters
  • Sharp implanters
  • Dull implanters
  • Dense packing with implanters
  • Special maneuvers in popping and bleeding patients with the sharp implanter
  • Forceps vs implanters
  • Comparison of sharp and dull implanters
Other Placement Techniques
  • KEEP
  • Forceps
  • Stick and place technique
  • Shiao implanter
  • Forceps vs. KEEP
Video Sessions
  • Manual Sequential Technique
  • Motorized Sharp Technique
  • Motorized with Hybrid and Trumpet Punch Technique
  • Ultrasonic FUE and non-rotary punches - NEW
Video Sessions
  • Manual Sequential Technique
  • Motorized Sharp Technique
  • Motorized with Hybrid and Trumpet Punch Technique
  • Ultrasonic FUE and non-rotary punches - NEW
  • Universal FUE - (FUE from head, nape, beard and any and all parts of the body using a single Smart Hybrid Punch) – NEW
  • Mamba Nano - NEW
  • Non-shaven and Long Hair FUE
  • Two people FUE
  • Eyelashes using Long Hair FUE
Interactive Debates
  • The Donor Area Limits
  • Dealing with Difficult and Very Demanding Patients
  • The Importance of Quality Control in FUE and How to Create Protocol
Special Morning Workshops
  • Coverage Value and Donor Management
  • Implanters
  • KEEP
  • Graft Calculator
Roundtable Discussions
  • Sharp implanters, dull implanters, Afro hair, PRP, SMP, eyelashes, beard & body HT, social media, depleted donor, repair cases, training your team for FUE, hairline and artistry, how to reduce the transection rate in FUE, non-shaven FUE, Long Hair FUE, starting an FUE practice, eyebrows & eyelashes, mega and giga-sessions in FUE.
Coverage And Density
  • Knowing the number of grafts to be extracted
  • What´s the ideal co-efficient hair/graft for each case?
  • Coverage planning for young patients
  • Ultra mega dense packing - FUE in just one session
  • Mega and giga-sessions FUE – over 3/4.000 grafts in the same day
  • How to get big coverage and high density
  • Coverage plan for extensive baldness
  • Coverage plan for poor candidates
Managing The Donor Area
  • Coverage Value applications in daily practice
  • New robot technology for Coverage Value and extraction measurements - NEW
  • FUE safe zone now and in the future
  • Depleted donor area
  • Using the beard, body and nape hair in FUE
  • Use the beard, body and SMP to fix depleted donor areas
Clinical Treatments And Bio-Enhancers For FUE
  • Finasteride and minoxidil updates
  • Finasteride post-syndrome update
  • Topical finasteride studies and updates
  • The importance of clinical therapy before and after surgery
  • DUPA – How to diagnose correctly. Should the patient be operated or not?
  • Other clinical treatments for hair loss and how this can help in our practices
  • BIO-enhancers for FUE: Holding solutions, PRP, Acell, ATP
  • Tips for a perfect hairline
  • Angles, directions, distribution and patterns
  • Importance of the temporal peaks
  • Hairlines in women
  • Hairline repair
  • Eyebrows - design and details
  • How SMP can help artistry
Difficult Fue Situations and Cases
  • Afro textured hair, splayed grafts, Long Hair grafts - How to choose the correct punch and technique
  • Depleted donor area – When and how to approach the case
  • Beard & body hair to scalp
  • Corrective FUE using scalp, SMP, body and beard hair
  • Complications in FUE and how to avoid them
  • Poor growth – causes and how to avoid them
  • Bad surgical planning
  • The poor patient for FUE
Free Papers, Important Details and New Ideas and Horizons
  • Combining FUT & FUE
  • How to reduce the transection rate and improve the quality of your grafts
  • Placing over 1200 grafts/hour
  • Extracting over 1000 grafts /hour
  • New ideas and horizons for FUE