4th International

World FUE Institute Workshop


June 20-22




Internationally renowned FUE surgeons will impart their knowledge and experience while introducing the latest innovations in FUE techniques and instrumentation and their applications through Lectures, Videos, Hands-on Practical Sessions, Discussions, Roundtables and Debates and a Live Surgery Expo.

Avignon, Destination Provence

The World FUE Institute is not just a common medical professional society. It is an institute, and as such, is focused on education, research and instruction in the field of FUE hair restoration surgery. Our aim is to promote ideas, insights and innovations in FUE by creating ingenious ways of approaching even the most difficult and challenging cases.

At this workshop and other World FUE Institute events, you will acquire the necessary educational tools and applications to perform professional FUE procedure in your own perspective countries with knowledge, confidence, precision and artistry. Surgeons who are more advanced in FUE will gain a greater perspective on the latest revolutionary tools and techniques in the field.

Education and scientific innovation means meeting the esthetic demands of patients through the maintenance of professional FUE standards while advancing the field into the future.

FUE Immersion and Complementary Perspectives

The FUE Immersion and Complementary Perspectives is a new element in WFI’s workshop program. During this segment, participants, especially debutants, will learn details about hair anatomy, hair cycles and scalp innervation from a university anatomy professor well versed in this important basic knowledge.

The Complementary Perspectives element will address issues such as the use of PMP as a supplementary procedure to FUE surgery, hair restoration psychology and patient mindsets, plus marketing FUE hair restoration and procedures.

Hands-on Practical FUE Applications

The Hands-on Practical Applications component of the workshop allows participants to preview and apply a variety of instruments and techniques on models under the guidance of expert surgeons from around the world who excel in their particular technique and in the use of particular instrumentation. The segment covers both extraction and placement phases of surgery. Participants are free to move from station to station while exploring their individual preferences. This is a highly interactive element of the workshop that explores literally everything possible today within FUE.

Informative Lectures and Video Lectures

The lecture component of the workshop is designed to delve into the minute details of FUE surgery from initial patient evaluation and consultation to surgery and post-op care while addressing both non-challenging as well as challenging cases and using the latest in FUE instrumentation and techniques. Animated videos and commentary by esteemed faculty members provide detailed information on the accuracy of the newest instrumentation from around the world while also providing participants with the latest technology in discerning Coverage Value and better predicting surgical outcomes.

Debates, Roundtable Discussions and Question and Answer Sessions

Some of the most dynamic segments of the workshop are the Debates, Roundtable discussions and Question and Answer Sessions where participants can share their ideas, questions and experiences not only with the expert faculty members, but also with other physicians from around the world. This type of involvement produces knowledge for everyone and enhances the scope of discussion and understanding. Participants are encouraged to bring their cases, their studies and of course their questions so that from these sessions, new innovation can emerge.

Live Surgery Observation Expo

During the Live Surgery Observation Expo portion of the workshop, participants will witness the faculty members performing live surgeries using the latest techniques and instrumentation discussed in the lectures and video lectures. But that is not all, participants will observe more unusual techniques for FUE including beard, eyelash and eyebrow transplants as well as long-hair FUE, scar repair, burn repair and micro-pigmentation. The expo provides an array of opportunities for observation and interaction with the surgeons.

Registration Fees & Categories

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Physician Registration (Non-members)

Until February 21, 2018: €1200
Until May 21, 2018: €1500
Until June 21, 2018: €1800


Physician Registration (Members)

Until February 21, 2018: €1020
Until May 21, 2018: €1275
Until June 21, 2018: €1530


Physician Registration Live Surgery Expo ONLY (Members/Non-members)

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Until March 21, 2018: €400
Until May 21, 2018: €700
Until June 21, 2018: €1000


Surgical Assistants (Members/Non-members)

Any dates: €900